melissa-rivers-pregnantWill the Rivers family grow bigger? Is Joan Rivers going to have another grandchild? Is there a new Fashion Police Officer in the making? Maybe a new stand up witty comedian coming soon?

As you can see in the photo (Credit: WeTV) Melissa and Joan Rivers, along with Melissa’s boyfriend Jason, talk to a doctor about the possibility of the Melissa Rivers being pregnant after she’s rushed to the doctor’s office with stomach pains. The emotional moment is featured on the season finale of the WE tv series “Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” airing Tuesday, March 15 at 9PM ET/PT.

In Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best Season Finale Joan and Melissa meet again with the team-builder who set off their terrible fight. They have made progress in their relationship and are doing well. Joan decides to update her will, and considers taking Melissa’s friend, Lynne, out of it when she accuses Joan of stealing her jokes. Melissa suffers from serious stomach pains and rushes to the doctor. Much to Joan’s excitement, the doctor suggests a pregnancy test; later at dinner, Jason makes a surprising announcement.

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