Breaking-In-spoilers-quotes-season-two-premiere-contra-clubIf you haven´t yet seen the season two premiere of Breaking In, you will find some spoilers here. If not, you are good to go.
Breaking In, the show about a high-tech security firm that takes extreme, and often questionable, measures to sell their protection services, also known as the show that came back from cancellation, premieres season two March 6 on Fox with an episode called The Contra Club in which Cameron, Cash and Melanie discover that Oz is forced to sell the company to a corporate conglomerate headed by the brash and bold Veronica Mann (Emmy Award-winner Megan Mullally, who joins the cast as a series regular), who along with her prickly British assistant Molly, turn the office upside-down.

Breaking In Season Two Premiere Best Quotes and Moments

Cameron: If you upload it, I´ll download it… Sorry, I didn´t know we were doing catch phrases

Cameron: Why is he being so nice to this lady?

Cash: The lady is an inspiration… for the biggest prank I´m gonna pull in this office

Cameron: Why do I feel like you are gonna kill me?
Oz: No, no, no. That´s just a vibe I give off.

Veronica: Oh, I love nicknames, Hi Creepy Carol!

Cash: That doesn´t make any sense, Oz cherishes a good prank

Cash: There´s gotta be some wiggling room on this no pranking thing

Cameron: Are you selling Contra?

Cameron: I think Veronica is going all Undercover Boss to see who to keep and who to fire
Cash: Dude, I am so fired!

Cash: Why do I have to be so hilarious all the time

Oz: I told you no pranks
Cameron: I told you no pranks
Cash: I didn´t listen

Veronica: I may be your new boss

Veronica: She is so funny, don´t you just love the way she talks?

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