all-american-muslims-cancelled-renewed-tlcHere I have more info to add cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012, and this comes from the cable network TLC, since TLC cancelled All American Muslim today.

“Having the opportunity to be a part of such a groundbreaking series with TLC has been extraordinary,” castmember Suehaila Amen told the Free Press. ”Our show helped to pave the way for the moderate Muslim voice to be heard in this nation.”

According to the reports regarding All American Muslims cancellation, low ratings was the reason for the decision by TLC.

What is All American Muslims about? Plot Synopsis

All-American Muslim takes a look at life in Dearborn, Michigan–home to the largest mosque in the United States–through the lens of five Muslim American families.

Each episode offers an intimate look at the customs and celebrations, misconceptions and conflicts these families face outside and within their own community.

Cast members also appear in short round table segments in which they discuss general principles of Islam as they relate to specific events depicted in the episode.

Now TLC cancelled All American Muslims, ending the show run when season is over.

What do you think? Are you sad TLC cancelled All American Muslims?

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