Psych-pop-references-quotes-season-fourNo better show to laugh these days than Psych, hands down. Several reasons for that assumption:

You can see what I am talking about in these special articles on Psych I did such as Shawn and Gus Nicknames, Psych Pop References from season 1, Psych Pop References from season 2, Psych Pop Reference from season 3,

Now it´s time for season four:

Complete list of Psych Pop References and Quotes in Season four

Psych S04E01: Extradition British Columbia Quotes and Pop References

Shawn: Lassie!
Gus: Wow.
Shawn: Is your hair starting its own cult?

Shawn: [describing his “psychic powers”] You’ve seen “The Mentalist”, right?
Corporal Robert Mackintosh: Yes!
Shawn: It’s like that.
Gus: Except that guy’s a fake.
Shawn: Right. If I was a fake psychic, it would be eerily similar.
Gus: Exactly the same.
Shawn: A virtual carbon copy.

Lassiter: Listen, Dudley, I´m detective Lassiter

Shawn: I see a man… net. I see the painter… John Manet.
Gus: Edouard.
Shawn: Where in town might one find a…
Gus: Edouard Manet?
Shawn: What he said.

Shawn: Jules, you look like Julie Christie in ‘Dr. Zhivago.

Shawn: Let´s make a list of famous racoons: Meeko from Pocahontas, Check, Rocky Racoon…

Shawn: I’m totally gonna pull a John Turturro from ‘Miller’s Crossing’ on him.

Shawn: Dude, I know you saw Entrampment at least twenty six times. You can do it, you are twice as limber as C Zeta-Jones.

Shawn: Usain Bolt

Shawn: Right hand green, right hand green
Gus: That´s Twister Shawn

Gus: Shawn used my one call to vote for American Idol
Shawn: I’m thinking, ‘This guy is Thomas Crown.’ You’re barely Remington Steele., which makes me what: Laurie Holt? Do you think a guy like me wants to be Stephanie Zimbalist?

Psych S04E02: He Dead Quotes and Pop References:

Shawn: Garvin, very unusual, so Heathers

Shawn: There´s no Relationship Shawn or Boyfriend Shawn, there´s only Regular Shawn and Malibu Shawn. You know that

Shawn: Let´s go to 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Gus: That´s the Munsters house, we are going to 1600 Joshua Lane

Shawn: That´s because we are Karma Chamaleons

Shawn: Like a female detective on a Law & Order series
Gus: Like Milena Govich
Shawn: Like Angie Harmon
Gus: Like Mariska Hargitay … Katie Erbe

Mr Wiswal: His billion dollar business was a Ponzi scheme
Shawn: Stop right there, I refuse to believe that Henry Winkler had anything to do with this.

Shawn: Who else knows about this allegedly Fonzi Scheme?

Shawn:  “You’re gonna pretend you’ve had an emotion since ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ got canceled?”

Shawn: Dear Abby, Doctor Phil

Shawn: Dust in the wind, all we are is Dust in the wind

Psych S04E03 – High Noon-ish Quotes and Pop References:

The title references High Noon

Frank McBain is an amalgamation of Frank and Brett McBain, both characters in Once Upon a Time in the West, and Sweetwater Land Corp references the name of the town Jill McBain establishes in Once Upon a Time in the West.

Gus: If this turns into ‘Blazing Saddles,’ I’m outta here.

Shawn: Cat pee is Gus´ Kryptonite

Shawn: What are you talking about? We saw Posse together, in theatres

Shawn: Really Winston Zeddemore?

Gus: It worked for Tim Robbins in ‘Shawshank Redemption. Get busy living or get busy dying
Shawn: Gus, we don´t have years… and it also makes me Morgan Freeman, which is weird

Shawn: They say the same thing happened to Yul Brynner

Psych S04E04 – The Devil Is in the Details… And the Upstairs Bedroom Quotes and Pop References:

There are references to Exorcism and possessing movies.

Shawn: Was she a fan of the game Grand Theft Auto? I know when I play I become raving mad, foam in my mouth
Gus: I had to taser him once
Shawn: Which I still think was excessive

Shawn: I look up to Brett Favre, doesn´t mean I believe everything he says

Shawn: No, silly, it´s Lead Investigator, Lead, it´s a business I though of after watching Erin Brockovich

Shawn: Never once was I posse… You are gonna die up there… hahaha, come on, it´s a line from the movie

Shawn: Bjork?
Gus: Her birthday
Shawn: Good for you knowing Björk´s birthday
Gus: Her password was her own birthday Shawn

Mrs Ryan: Can I get you something?
Shawn: Yes, a Diet COke, some garlic bread and the latest TV Guide if you have it

Gus: Just like in The Exorcist
Shawn: You realize you are basing your theory in an actual movie?
Gus: You once tried to solve a case using the movie Pretty in Pink
Shawn: That´s completely different Pretty in Pink is more of a docudrama

Lucy cites quotes from Run Lola Run when speaking in German

Shawn: Carson D.’s got Simon Baker on tonight, that´s a can´t miss. I gotta go, you guys can keep exorcising

The Exorcist music sounds on the episode

Shawn: Whazzzaaaa!

Shawn: Men and women can´t be friends. Don´t be so naive
Gus: When Harry Met Sally taught us that
Shawn: It also taught us that women sometimes fake orgasms

Shawn: Props to you for playing the possessed girl.

Linda Blair would be proud of you. Now you can make her best impression in Chained Heat
Gus: And…
Shawn: Red Heat

Shawn: bum bum Von Wafers…

Psych S04E05 – Shawn has the Yips Quotes and Pop References:

Shawn: Yes former Yankee second baseman, Chuck Knoblauch. All of a sudden he committed an umprecedent number of throwing errors, one of which sailed into the second stands and hit Keith Olbermann´s mother in the face.

Shawn: Hop on board the ‘Streetcar Named Shawn-zire

Shawn: Little known fact, Big Foot, only wears size ten

Shawn: I don’t lose things. I place things in locations which later elude me.
Gus: That’s the same thing as losing it.
Shawn: Maybe to those without the nuance chromosome.

Shawn: Not into the whole motivation thing Tony Robbins, I prefer the Brother Baskin

Jules: It was in the news
Shawn: I only read the London Finantial Times and Dog Fancy

Gus: “It’s more like ‘Lethal Weapon 2’ – the one where Danny Glover finds a bomb on his toilet.

Shawn: I’m starring in the elliptical version of ‘Speed.

Shawn: Oh Doritos, I never get tired of you

Shawn: You trying to go Hannibal Lecter on me?

Shawn: Stab in the Dark” was “a pretty good name for a horror flick.

Psych S04E06 – Bollywood Homicide Quotes and Pop References:

The theme song is performed in Bollywood style

Shawn: Look, I was humiliated by Lassiter. Carlton Lassiter. A challenge has been issued and I need every tool we’ve got.
Gus: Are you calling me a tool?
Shawn: I’m calling you my partner, my logic braid, my magic wish machine.

Jay: How many of you have seen All That Jazz? No? White Nights? Every Nights? Perssica?

Shawn: As sure as I am that Gus will cause his own death, I know you are not cursed.

Shawn: Really, you’re just fine?
Abigail: I taught English to children in Mumbai for a month. This is very authentic. What’s the matter, Shawn, you don’t like it?
Shawn: No, no, I think I like it too much. It’s so authentic.
Shawn: Dude, I can’t see anything out of my left eye.
Gus: I see dead people.
Shawn: My god, even the water’s spicy.
Gus: Who does that?

Shawn: Gus, don’t be Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Marzipan.
Gus: It’s Azkaban.
Shawn: I’ve heard it both ways.

Raj: I don´t know any other way to love
Shawn: Really? Have you seen 9 and a half weeks? Or any other of the Zalman King movies?

Shawn: You heard the guy from Temple of Doom.

Psych S04E07 – High Top Fade Out Quotes and Pop References:

Henry: (About computers) Shawn, get your head out of the closet. Those things are just another passing fad like Rap Music, Madonna and LA Law

Gus: How come you don´t have a black suit? What grown man doesn´t have a uit?
Shawn: Besides me, the Joker, Coronel Sanders, Matthew McConaughey?
Gus: McConaughey doesn´t count. He doesn´t own a shirt
Shawn: He doesn´t need a shirt
Gus: You know that´s right

Tony: The day he was taken from us was the Day the Music Died

Boyz II Men did the opening theme song if I didn´t misshear

Shawn: Gus, Don´t be the American adaptation of the American Gus

Shawn: You are a cadaver, I have to cover you, because cadavers don´t use shirts from Abercrombie & Fletch
Gus: It´s Abercrombie & Fitch, and I know you haven´t heard it both ways

Woody: Unless the crash was post-mortem. That was my Caruso.

Shawn: Crashed and burned, then somehow crashed again in Chile, only to be eaten by my soccer teammates.

Shawn: Look at what I just did, I´m like mister Wizard

Shawn: You like big butts and you cannot lie

Shawn: Even Patrick Fugit knows it

Shawn: It certainly looks suspicious as Steve Martin´s office in The Spanish Prisoner

Shawn: Oh man this is straight from To Live and Die in LA

Armed Assailant #1: Now, who the hell sent you?
Shawn: You wouldn’t believe us if we told you.
Armed Assailant #1: Yeah, try me.
Shawn: Michael Dudikoff.
Armed Assailant #1: Russian mob?
Gus: American ninja you…

Psych S04E08 – Let´s Get Hairy Quotes and Pop References:

Henry: Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it boys?”

Stewart: Imagine Robert Goulet dressed liked Mr. Bean playing the Scarecrow in a Summer Stock production of the Wizard of Oz dedicated to Tony Randall.

Hunter: Let´s send Bambi back to mama

Shawn: Gus, don’t be the third Thompson twin with the dreads.

Gus: Don´t say anything about Denise Williams

Gus: Her name is Polexia
Shawn: Wasn´t that the name of Anna Paquin in Almost Famous
Gus: Anna Paquin was in almost famous?

Gus: Skip here has romantic dreams about a fireman that looks like Dolph Lundgren

Stewart: Who am I supposed to be?
Gus: Are you kidding? Didn´t you watch television when you were a kid?
Stewart: Not after Poltergeist
Gus: You are no other than Dwayne Cleophus Wayne from A Different World… A ladies man with a plan

Shawn: Am I sensing a bitter past between you and Sam Elliott´s younger brother Harland?

Shawn: That, and you wanna have a Fairuza Balk date with his sister

Shawn: It’s like Pippi Longstocking’s little sister, Patches Longstocking.

Psych S04E09 – Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark Quotes and Pop References:

Longmore’s Partner: You listenin’ to me?
Shawn: I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything but the gun. ould be my ADD acting up.
Longmore’s Partner: I want you to imagine a bullet, coming from that gun, penetrating your skin and lodging in your brain.
Longmore’s Partner: You know how easy that would be for me?
Shawn: Physically? Yes. But I would imagine that it would give you pause… emotionally?
Shawn: No?
Longmore’s Partner: You know how lucky you are? My idiot partner here screwed up big time. Hey… that’s par for the course. Now… we pull this thing off, and we’re out of here. But Einstien here screws up again, you’re gonna be my ticket. Now I got a hostage sitting in my back pocket, just in case. But know this: one stupid move and I’ve got more than enough plastic bags for your body parts. Got it?
Shawn: I got it.
Note to self: Call Hefty with commercial idea.

Shawn: So, uh… what do I call you? Mr. Blonde? Mr Pink?

Shawn: The Yelp application on my iPhone told me there should be a Starbucks right where we are standing

Gus: I´m checking his history to see what are the most recent websites he just were: billyzane.thumbnail/hair

Shawn: (seeing Gus and Juliet pulling up along side the truck he is held captive in on the highway) Look at you, buddy, you’re just like Vin Diesel!
Gus: That makes Jules, Michelle Rodriguez, and you, Paul Walker!
Shawn: This is no good!
Gus: Don’t worry, Shawn, you’re gonna make it!
Shawn: No, I know I’ll be fine. I just really don’t wanna be Paul Walker, not even for a day.
Gus: You could be Lucas Black from Tokyo Drift, but then we wouldn’t be in the movie with you!
Shawn: That’s weird. I’ll just be Walker.

Lassiter: [to Shawn] Nice shooting, Detective.
Shawn: Did you just call me detective?
Lassiter: No.

Psych S04E10 – You Can´t Handle This Episode Quotes and Pop References:

Shawn: Would you ask Yo-Yo Ma how he makes his music sound like magic?

Music is from Mission Impossible

Major General Felts: I assume you realize this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated on my base!
Shawn: Is there another type of idiocy you would be more comfortable with?

Shawn: Captain America is not keen on helping

Shawn:  I have two words for you. Army… psychic. I’ll give you first shot before I pitch it to CBS as a series

Shawn: Have you seen The Guardian?

Shawn: There´s no way we are getting D´Onofrioed

Shawn: Major General.
Major General Felts: Yes?
Shawn: Oh, no, I don’t need anything. I just like to say “Major General”. [To Gus] Try it.
Gus: No, Shawn.
Shawn: Gus, just try it.
Gus: No!
Shawn: Dude, just try it.
Gus: Major General!

Shawn: Tell me you are not having an affair with Kamala

Shawn: Do we still have the number of that guy who can get us tickets for ‘Monday Night Raw’?
Gus: Kirano? I think he is saying to kill them

Gus: I got nowhere else to go!

Shawn:  Eve Plumb did do three episodes of ‘The Love Boat,’ playing three different characters.

Shawn: If I hadn’t seen ‘The Great Santini’ so many times, I probably would have seen that sooner.

Psych S04E11 – Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers Quotes and Pop References:

Gus: The thing is, I have something big to tell you.
Shawn: You know you can say anything to me, Gus. We’ve known each other forever and there’s absolutely nothing that could dent our impenetrable bond.
Gus: I have a secret girlfriend.
Shawn: You’re dead to me.

Gus: You asked one girl if she knew the answer to the riddle of the Sphinx
Shawn: And, bullet dodged, you are very welcome
Gus: You only knew it because you saw it on Superfriends

Shawn: Favourite Magnum PI episode?
Ruby: Did you see the sunrise
Shawn: Second favourite episode
Ruby: Did you see the sunrise Part 2. Actually, reverse those two.
Shawn: My God, who are you?

Shawn: We are like Andie and Duckie, with a little bit of Mary Kate and Ashley

Shawn: I´ve done this a hundred times
Gus: It´s a Small World doesn´t count

Shawn: Big Five: Mouse, Squirrel, Turtle, Chad Michael Murray

Shawn: It´s like we walked into FInal Destination
Gus: We walked out of Final Destination

Shawn: SAMSON. It’s just a great name. Straight out of film noir. Like an old detective who drinks hard, but loves even harder. Or, go with me here [adopts a high pitched British voice] … Samson. A tiny little orphan mouse who must find his way home to Wolverhampton.

Gus: You’ve never read the Bible, have you?
Shawn: [counting on his fingers] Genesis, Exorcist, Leviathan, Dooo-the-right-thing.

Shawn: How much did you drink?
Henry: More than a little but less than enough. But you know I make sense.

Shawn: Smiths Lyrics Off, you, me, ten minutes
Ruby: I´m gonna wipe the floor with you

Shawn: Samson” sounds like “one of the dwarf warriors from ‘Willow.'”

Shawn: Dude, this is me. I am your partner and your best friend and we are not supposed to keep secrets from each other.
Gus: I know Shawn, but it’s complicated.
Shawn: No, math is complicated. The show ‘It’s Complicated’ was complicated. The song ‘Complicated’ by Avril Lavigne… ironically not, not very complicated and you know what? Neither is this.

Shawn: Please. You’re so distracted by Ruby and her boobs and your lies and the heavy petting that you probably don’t even remember who Jason *is*!
Gus: You mean Stu, Shawn.
Shawn: *Or* who he kidnapped.
Gus: He didn’t kidnap anyone, he disappeared.
Shawn: That’s right. Right off the top of a building in Vancouver.
Gus: That was an art thief who didn’t actually steal anything.
Shawn: And then fell down a mine shaft.
Gus: That was us!

Gus: Hey, I´m your rock, I´m your Island

Shawn: Jules. Would you tell Gus it’s normal for friends to discuss when they’d like to be eaten in the event of a tragic “Alive”-esque scenario?
Jules: Ew!
Gus: *Thank* you.
Lassiter: Believe it or not, I’m with Spencer on this one. I would eat the three of you in the following order: O’Hara, Guster, then Spencer. I’ve also made a list of whose organs I’d prefer in the event I need a transplant, and, I’ve planned for the contingency where I’m the last man on earth and I need to choose one person from the department with whom to procreate.
[Everyone walks away]
Lassiter: Well don’t worry, none of you made the list!

Psych S04E12 – A Very Juliet Episode Quotes and Pop References:

Lassiter: I want you to listen to me, O’Hara. And believe this, because I mean it from the bottom of my heart. All romance ends in despair. Or death, but mostly despair. Gut-wrenching despair. And I’m-I-I hate to say this, but I’m actually happy that this happened because now you know. And it’s just going to make you a better cop to realize that all people are essentially just out there to destroy any chance of happiness you will ever have.
[Long pause] I feel a hug coming on.

Chief Vick: I don’t mean to sound like a hard-ass…
Jules: You didn’t.
Chief Vick: I did.
Jules: I didn’t get that at all.
Chief Vick: Well, actually, I was *trying* to sound like a hard-ass.
Jules: Mission accomplished!

Shawn: Oh my God. Are you in the vault of secrets right now?
Gus: No.
Shawn: You are! It’s settled, I’m helping.
Gus: You’re not helping. Period. Suck it!

Shawn: Gus, it was a tricky find. I want all the glory for solving Jules’ case. Besides, I’m the one that does this.
[Puts hand to head]
Wouldn’t it be weird if you did it all of a sudden?
Gus: I think it’s weird when anyone does it.
Shawn: I think it looks pretty sweet when Simon Baker does it.
Gus: Simon Baker doesn’t do it.
Shawn: He doesn’t?
Gus: No!
Shawn: Huh. Well, at least we have that.

Henry: You sat there and ate Munchos while I called my contacts in Sacramento.
Shawn: I was on the missing persons website.
Henry: The band Missing Persons.

Gus: Shawn, don´t tell me you´ve gone all Pete Townshend on me

Lassiter: Turns out Juliet’s boyfriend was working for a company owned by the infamous J.T. Waring.
Gus: Nope.
Shawn: Come on, Gus, she wrote all the Harry Potters.
Gus: That’s J.K. Rowling, Shawn.
Lassiter: J.T. Waring is a Los Angeles mobster, went down for racketeering a few years ago.
Shawn: What’s racketeering?
Lassiter: Nobody knows.

Jules: I got egg noodles and ketchup.

Shawn: What time are we speaking about? Before Conan or after Conan?

Agent Wayne: Listen girl, I don´t care
Shawn: Tommy Lee Jones
Agent Wayne: What?
Shawn: Fugitive… you are missing some of the country… you know what, let´s shake it off, let´s try again, I´ll be Harrison.

Agent Renfro is the same name as Joe Pantoliano´s character in Fugitive

Shawn: My God, he’s convincing!
Gus: Convincing? He’s a criminal!
Shawn: Yes. But he has a great head. And a real presence. There’s something very Billy Zanian about him.
Gus: You and Billy Zane are the only ones who use that term.

JT Waring: Do you understand about honor, Mr. Spencer?
Shawn: Of course I do. I have a bootleg copy of Saving Private Ryan at home.

Jules: I feel like that scene in “Grease”.
Lassiter: After the bonfire? When Sandy sprung on Danny when he least expects it?
[long pause] What? I can’t see movies, too?
Jules: That is spot on. With scary precision.

Lassiter: Here’s the thing, O’Hara: You haven’t seen this guy in, like, seven years. You’re both entirely different people. The only way you’ll know anything is if you get to know each other again. Everything else is pure speculation. It’s like… like wondering what would have happened if Kenickie had driven down Thunder Road.
Jules: Are we still on “Grease”?
Lassiter: We never weren’t.

Gus: I’m just saying, the door’s been sitting here for five years untouched. There’s decay.
Shawn: Decay? This isn’t “Planet of the Apes”, Gus.

Gus: Everything you’ve said in the last two days has been wrong.
Shawn: That’s not true. I was right about Mr. T being an extra in “The Blues Brothers”.

Psych S04E13 – Death is in the Air Quotes and Pop References:

Shawn: That´s why I´m Tivoing Blame It on Rio

Shawn: “Is it a kidney? Oh maybe the disembodied soul of Marcellius Wallace

Shawn: Donny, what was in the cooler?
Donny Leberman: [Nervous] The Thornburg virus.
Gus: *The* Thornburg virus?
Shawn: Thornburg? What does this have to do with Richard Chamberlain?
Gus: That’s “The Thorn Birds.” This is the Thornburg, an extremely rare virus that usually targets people in Africa – which makes it racist, by the way.

Lassiter: I won´t start a mass hysteria just because you saw Outbreak this weekend.
Shawn: Dude, I saw that movie once, like ten years ago, and I missed the first 23 minutes completely
Gus: He has an irrational fear of Patrick Dempsey.
Shawn: It’s very rational! It’s rational. Either of you watch “Grey’s Anatomy”? The man is completely terrifying.
Jules: [smirks] You’re just jealous of his hair.
Shawn: [hesitates] Well, there’s that…
Gus: There’s *only* that.

Shawn: If you flip a few glasses and introduce me to Elisabeth Shue there´s an extra fiver

Shawn: No, she was a prostitute.
Donny Leberman: Come on.
Gus: Think about it, you met her at the hotel bar.
Shawn: Plus her name is Ginger, Donny. Throughout history there’s only two Gingers that weren’t prostitutes: Ginger Rogers and Ginger from “Gilligan’s Island.” And I still have my suspicions about the latter. In fact, Gus, I’ve made my decision. She was a filthy pirate hooker.
Gus: You know that’s right.

Jules: You were totally right, Shawn?
Shawn: About what? Atlantis?

Gus: This room was paid for in cash and registered to a Val Kilmer.
Shawn: It’s either an alias or Val has officially lost it.

Carlton Lassiter: [Lassiter, Donny, Shawn, Gus and Juliet are all being showered in the parking lot] I mean is this really necessary? I didn’t even go inside the cafe.
Donny Leberman: Oh it’s necessary. Yeah, the CDC doesn’t want to take any chances.
Carlton Lassiter: For the last time, who the hell is this?
Donny Leberman: Oh, I’m Donny Leberman. Hey, I’m the guy who screwed all this up.
Carlton Lassiter: I’m not big on nude handshakes.
Juliet O’Hara: They’re probably just being safe, Carlton.
[Hit by a hose]
Juliet O’Hara: Ooh, that tickles.
Carlton Lassiter: Spencer, are you shampooing your hair?
Shawn Spencer: Yes I am, Lassie. I always travel with a small packet of Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo in my wallet.
Jules: Baby shampoo?
Shawn: No more tears, Jules.
Lassiter: [Getting scrubbed down] Whoa, take it easy, slugger, what are we dating?
Gus: I can’t believe this, Shawn. First, we’re looking for a prostitute, now I’m naked in a parking lot.
Shawn: It’s just like our prom night.
Gus: Shawn.
Shawn: Gus, relax. Don’t be Nick Cage’s accent from “Con Air.” We’ve bathed together before.
Gus: When we were three.
Shawn: It’s essentially the same thing. It’s just impolite to pee.
[to the person scrubbing him down] That feels great by the way.

Dr. Steven Reidman: Excuse me, you say you divined this psychically?
Shawn: That’s right.
Dr. Steven Reidman: Fascinating. If you should pass away, I would love to dissect your temporal lobe.
Shawn: Sure. I can’t possibly see why not, but I’m hoping you get us all through this thing alive.
Dr. Steven Reidman: Yes, in that case, I would love to get my hands on a sample of your DNA.
Shawn: Weird. Uncomfortable. Consider it done.
Gus: You know, I’m actually the brains of this operation so you might wanna get mine.
Dr. Steven Reidman: I could care less about your secretions. However, I would love to get my craniometer around that giant Raisinette of yours or is it a Goober? Possibly a Milk Ball.
Shawn: I’d say Milk Ball. It’s Milk Ball.

Shawn: Dude, check it out, that´s Christopher Lloyd
Gus: Shawn, that man does not look like Christopher Lloyd…

Shawn: It´s either him or Michael Ironside

Shawn: Who are you? Michael Vick?

Shawn: Go Lassie, run like the wind

Gus: Let´s check this Sydney J Furie film festival, I´m talking Iron Eagle 2, Lady sings the blues and Iron Eagle 4

Psych S04E14 – Think Tank Quotes and Pop References:

Henry: If you get an A on this report, I´m gonna take you to Disneyland

Henry: How can you rewrite history like that?
Gus: You are talking to a guy who  wrote a term paper on President Mitchell

Walter: Do the math
Shawn: Gus, do the math
Gus: It´s a lot of money

Walter: We have people looking for your regulation size trampoline, your packs of Big League Chew, and of course mister Guster´s NBA official Let´s Blast Them air horn.
Gus: I didn´t want one of those

Shawn: Gus, look at all those Skittles!

Shawn: Reagan was the one after Mitchell?
Gus: President Mitchell was played by Kevin Kline in Dave. He´s a fictional character.
Shawn: No, Dave was a fictional character that looked exactly like President Mitchell.

Shawn: Didn´t Winnie from the Wonder Years do the same? And Wouldn´t it be way cooler to have her instead

Shawn: That makes sense, I saw on Cribs that he has a soda fountain in his bedroom

Shawn: I have a question for the statician formerly known as Kenneth Branagh

Shawn: Look, it´s part giraffe part Loch Ness Monster

Shawn: Under Siege, Seagal used spatulas to deflect bullets
Shawn: Do you wear a bikini made of whip cream?

Shawn: That room is like kryptonite to my skills

Shawn: Come on son!
Gus: Do not do Ed Lover to me Shawn

Shawn: Follow me back inside and let´s blow these guys minds Scanners style

Shawn: Don’t just spout out everything Tom Cruise did in ‘Valkyrie cause I just pitched that.

Shawn: Axe for Men, What?

Boyd: All you told was the plot of Die Hard 3

Shawn: You too Stoltz

Shawn: Are you kidding? You are Kevin Costner in this plan.

Gus: Hand to the Head is not working.
Shawn: That´s why I added the sound effects

Shawn: Raise your hand if you vacuum topless to Carly Simon.

Shawn: Greed, for lack of a better word, is a good

Shawn: Where is the hoverboard technology that we all saw in ‘Back to the Future II’ over 20 years ago?

Shawn: And we are not counting treadmills that we all saw in the opening credits of Jetsons

Shawn: We are making guns to kill zombies

Psych S04E15 – The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Episode Quotes and Pop References:

Henry: Jaws 4? … It was the worst sequel ever made

Lassiter: McNab hold out the Wonder Twins

Shawn: This is the thank you I receive for giving you a cat a finding a guy to remove your Baha Men tattoo?

Gus: I want you to call me “Guts”.
Shawn: We all call you that.
Gus: No, Guts, Shawn.
Shawn: What? What are you saying?
Gus: Guts.
Shawn: You’re saying “guts”?
Gus: Yes.
Shawn: That’s too close to “Gus”.
Gus: Never mind; call me “Old Ironside”.
Shawn: Michael Ironside?
Gus: Old Iron Stomach, that’s me.

Juliet: Carlton, you can’t solve a case in four minutes.
Lassiter: Can’t I? I think I can. I’ve seen it done.
Juliet: Not by you.
Lassiter: Thanks for that.

Lassiter: Today I am going to out Spencer Spencer

Shawn: We are Shassie now, we are Sharlton, we are Spencitter.

Shawn: Believe in yourself just like O believe in you
Gus: Do not start singing right now

There are multiple Jaws references: Multiple references: reward for shark leading to fishermen setting out with rowboats and dynamite. At meeting with fishermen Spencer imitates Quint – attempting to scratch fingernails on white board, paraphrasing Quint’s speech (“you all know me, know how I make a living”). Spencer talks about singing sea chanteys

Henry: We are catching some Marlins
Shawn: Wayans? Good, it was about time, make sure to hurry before they make another White Chicks

Shawn: Strangest things happened
Gus: Name one
Shawn: Michelle Pfeiffer dated Fisher Stevens, and then he actually cheated on her

Henry: [referring to Lassiter] Wait a second, are you working with Detective Dipstick on this?
Gus: You’re calling him that too?
Henry: I tried not to. It just rolls right off the tongue.

Kimberly Phoenix: It´s Doctor, or Kim, but not Dr Kim, because it makes me feel so radio host

Shawn: Lassie, where did you go, we were filming your speech
Gus: Yeah, and we need you to sign a release form for ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos

Shawn: You all know me, know how I make a living

Shawn: [Addressing a group of fishermen to find someone to take them out to sea] I’m a psychic, Jack. Check your papers – not the front, page five and further back, sometimes the personals, but believe me, it’s all there. We remember Shabby, don’t we? Shabby, the sea lion. Well, I tracked him to the sea, found out where the poor fellow was murdered, in the entire ocean, the exact spot. Tell ’em, Gus.
Gus: I’d rather not.
Shawn: Know what else? I found an abandoned boat, at sea, at night. I have keen senses, my senses are very keen. You know what, I’m gonna lay out my history for you people and by the end of it, you’re all gonna be begging for my services, okay? Four months ago, a man walks into our offices, says “Help me, I’m a Lycan.” Gus is like “You’re made out of seaweed?” I said, “No, no, Gus, he’s a werewolf.”
[Time passes]
Shawn: We dressed up like civil war people and Gus looked like Denzel Washington in “Glory” and some guy built a tunnel…
[Time passes]
Shawn: Some chick got hit in the head with a tennis trophy – you know what, screw that case…
[Time passes]
Shawn: I looked at my partner, it was like looking at a child lost in a shopping mall. Luckily, I’d solved the case. The football players were protecting their bonuses and that is why they left the disembodied foot on the path in the forest.
Gus: That’s not why they did it.
Shawn: Yeah, well that one still confuses me. The point is, that is but twenty of my many, many cases that I have solved. You can read the book when I learn how to type.
[There is one man left in the audience]
Shawn: Sir, the fact that you haven’t left tells me you’re not afraid of my gift and are ready to use it to catch this shark. Think we have ourselves a boat.

Shawn: Are we gonna get to sing sea shanties, or any other kind of shanties? Do you have Dramamine, or should I just bring my own? Oh, Gus wants to know if you have cable on your boat ’cause it’s the season finale of “Leverage” and his TiVo is on the fritz.
William Tanner: You’re job is to shut up.
Shawn: Okay, that’s good, that’s easy. I was worried I would draw swabbing the decks which is a lot more difficult than remaining quiet.
Gus: You’re failing at your job right now.
Shawn: Says you.
Gus: Says the definition of shut up.

William Tanner: Guster, get the dynamite

Lassiter: Police detectives do not surmise that banks are knocked over by groups of angry cats with laser beams

Henry: See you later, alligator

Psych S04E16 – Mr Yin Presents Quotes and Pop References:

The whole episode is Alfred Hitchcock themed

Henry: The Little Mermaid? Without Gus?
Shawn: Yes, apparently Gus has a strange aversion to Rene Auberjonois. It´s a Benson thing.

Psycho is on the movie theatre

Shawn: You never gave racquetball a fair chance
Mary: I won´t wear shorts

Mary: Don’t leave, Shawn. You will regret it.
Shawn: Good luck with the creepy arm grab awards this year, Mary; I think you’ve got a real shot at winning.

Lassiter: What´s the matter Guster? You forgot to take your crime scene pills?

Mary: I think that baliff from Night Court is right

Yang: What did you think of the book?
Shawn: Honestly? I thought Bruce Campbell´s was better

Shawn: This isn´t Silence of The Lambs
Gus: This is totally Silence of The Lambs
Shawn: That makes you Frankie Faison
Gus: I know
Shawn: Ok

Gus: So there really is a Yin to her Yang

Gus: The tie strangulation of the waitress is straight out of Frenzy

Gus: Our clues are going to be found on Hitchcock films

Shawn: Ok, we got a lot of cinema to cover. Gus and I will take the Cannonball run series, Mary, you take Hooper the Cooper is.
Gus: Those are Burt Reynolds movies

Chief Vick: What do we do?
Shawn: We do nothing
Lassiter: Nothing? Very Seinfeldian

Shawn: Dude, it´s Ben!

Shawn: Gus Don’t be Topher Grace running on the beach at the end of ‘In Good Company

Chief Vick: He casted you as Hitchcock arquetypic characters

Henry: Sean Connery?

Lassiter: Wait a minute. I think that´s meant for me. That scene from Birds, Tippi Hedren´s attack in the car
Henry: What are you talking about Lassiter? Haven´t you seen Marnie? Hlaf that movie was Tippie driving around in that car. That clue is all me
Lassiter: You know you are not Sean Connery, don´t you?
Henry: Oh, excuse, I thought for a moment I was talking to Rod Taylor

Shawn imitates Jimmy Stewart

Shawn: Gus, it´s Rear Window, I can see everything. Question is what matters?

Shawn: Jules, that´s Ernie´s bar from Vertigo

The camera effect of travelling in and zooming out at the same time that was used by Hitchcock in Vertigo is used after Shawn hangs the phone after talking with Yin

Lassiter: She´s Kim Novak from Vertigo

Lassiter: You´ve got other units. I´m going to get my partner

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