jd-john-dorian-alias-nicknames-girl-names-scrubsOk, So you may already know I am listing every alias and nickname for Shawn, Gus, Lassiter, Jules, Henry, Vick, Mc Nab and Woody on Psych. And it hit me. Another show that used nicknames a lot was Scrubs, mainly for John Dorian, Zach Braff´s character.
So, here´s the complete list of JD nicknames on Scrubs, In parenthesis, who called JD the nickname.

Complete List of JD / John Dorian Nicknames on Scrubs

Alfalfa (Kevin Turk)  
Bambi (Carla)
Bearded Hug Monster (Dr. Cox)
The Boat (Himself)
Captain Bedside (Dr. Cox)
Dr. D (Jason)
Dr. DaMan (self)
Dinkus (Dr. Cox)
Dr. Dorkian (Danni)
D.J./ R.J. (Jordan)
Dr. Eager Beaver (Dr. Kelso)
Errol Flynn (Dr. Cox)
Food Stamps (Janitor)
Gizmo (self-proclaimed prison name)
Grace (of Will & Grace) (Dr. Cox)
Honkey Face (Turk)
Huckleberry (Jordan)
Jack Daniels (Peter Fisher)
J-Cobra (Turk)
J-Dizzle (Himself)  (Turk)
Dr. John “Dallas” Dorian (Kim)
John Damn Dorian (Turk)
Dr. John “I think I’m a man of the people but now, thanks to the Janitor, everyone knows I’m a fraud and I have egg on my face” Dorian (Janitor)
Johnny (Molly), (Sam Dorian), (Spence)
Johnny D.
Killer (Janitor)
King of the Nerds
Linus (Dr. Cox)
Martin Luther King (Derek)
Murder She Wrote
My Little Precious (Dr. Cox)
Nancy-No-Chin (Jordan)
Nerd (Jordan)
Newbie (Dr. Cox)
‘Nilla Wafer
Nosy Nelly (Janitor)
Number 2
Pepe La Fritz (Janitor)
Pipsqueak (Janitor’s father)
Pumpkin(Dr. Cox)
Mr. Pouty
Dr. Puberty-Beard (Dr. Cox)
Q-tip (Laverne)
Radar (Dr. Cox)
Radio (Jordan)
Rainbow (Dr. Cox)
Rockstar (Dr. Maddox)
Rog (Turk)
Scooter pie (Janitor)
Scooter (Janitor)  (Dr. Cox)
Mr. Silly Bear (Dr. Cox)
Slugger (Kim)
Spidergirl (Dr. Cox)
Sport (Dr. Kelso)
Superstar (Dr. Cox)
Tiger (Janitor)
Vanilla Bear (Turk)
Various dog’s names such as Toto, Scooby, Rintintin, Snoopy, Lassie, etc. (Dr. Cox)
Various girl names: Abby, Agnes, Amber, Angela, Angie, Ava, Babs, Belinda, Beth, Betsy, Betty, Beyoncé, Britney, Carol, Charlotte, Clara, Clarabelle, Claudia, Daphne, Debbie, Denise, Diane, Dorothy, Ellen, Eunice, Fantasia, Farrah, Felicia, Fiona, Francine, Friday, Gidget, Ginger, Gladys, Gloria, Grace, Gwyneth, Heather, Hermione, Janet, Janice, Joanna, Judy, Dame Judy Dorian, Katy, Kimmy, Lillian, Lindsay, Loretta, Maggie, Margaret, Mariska, Margerie, Marsha, Martha, Mary Beth, Mary Lou, Melinda, Molly, Monica, Moesha, Nancy, Oprah, Paula, Phyllis, Pink, Rachel, Reba, Rhoda, Rhonda, Roseanne, Rosalita, Sabrina, Sally, Sandy, Scarlett, Shakira, Shannon, Sheila, Shirley, Stephanie, Susan, Sylvia, Tammy, Tiffany, Tina, Tinkerbell, Val, Violet, Wilma, Zsa Zsa.
Dr. Weisenheimer (Dr. Kelso)
Whiney Face (Janitor)
Whiney Britches
Whiney Dancer
Wonder Bra
White Shadow (Turk)

What do you think about JD´s alias and nicknames on Scrubs? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more of this stuff.