terri-blackstock-downfall-book-cover-reviewDownfall is a book targeted to Christian audiences, therefore, I may not be the best example of it, since I am not one, but, there´s something more important to that, and that is: Terri Blackstock sure knows how to tell a story.
Downfall is an interesting book, with good rythm and flow, and in a story well told by a best selling author.
The book has just been released and I had the chance to read ir upfront in an advanced reading copy and have to say I enjoyed it. Mainly because, as I said, it´s a good story, told well.
And also, even though it targets Christian market, and has some references to the Bible and to the effects of religion and faith, it flows beyond that, and integrates the teachings of Chirstianity naturally in the narrative.
It does not go too far, same as she did when she wrote Shadow in Serenity.
The book has been edited by Zondervan and can be found in almost any bookstore, or online.

What is Terri Blackstock´s Downfall about? Plot Synopsis

Despite Emily Covington’s sobriety, she can’t escape her past. Her years of active drug addiction have made her the scapegoat for everything, including a murder. Now she has to identify the real killer to clear her name and protect her family. From the explosive first pages, Terri Blackstock rockets the suspense level to new heights in Downfall, the third book in the bestselling, award-winning Intervention

Who do I recommend this book?

Mainly to Christian people who wants to read a good novel, or send a gift to someone. Or to parents who want to share their kids a stry with morals about consumption, drugs and redemption.
Overall, a very good option.
If you read it, let me know your thoughts in the comments section.
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