breakout-kings-quotes-spoilers-queen-heartsMy new favourite show (And will all those great new shows around: The Killing, The Borgias, Camelot, etcetera, that´s a big statement), Breakout Kings aired a new episode in which the team tries to catch a ruthless woman convicted of murdering her husband by stabbing him 48 times, who escaped from prison on a school bus. It turns out the woman was tricking men into thinking she really cared for them so they would do what she wanted and help her escape. Charlie and Ray’s special task force must catch her before she hurts more people — and also make sure her 14-year-old son stays safe. Meanwhile, Lloyd’s gambling debt increases and a scary Born Again inmate threatens his life if he doesn’t come up with the money right away.

Best Quotes from Breakout Kings S01E05 Queen of Hearts

Guard Eddie: You are gonna get caught Lila

Lloyd: Jinx, you are a jinx

Lloyd Lowery: That sounds an awful lot like a maximum security threat and last I checked we were in a decidedly minimum security establishment

Shea: Who´s Theresa?
Ray: Don´t worry about it

Charlie: You may wanna lower your hand before I lower it for you

Lloyd Lowery: When I was your age my mother used to ducktape oven mitts to my hands to keep me from masturbating, which was such a violation, and it didn´t work by the way; and I started to harbor a lot of ressentment, and here I am still making excuses for her

Charlie: You tell us that and you can go back to your mother´s basement to play air guitar or whatever it is that you do

Erica: Do I get a thank you for that?

Ray: Keep your hands out of your pockets Lloyd

Lloyd: Did you just say Bounty work?

Lloyd Lowery: Please do me a favor. When they find my body on a hanger, please tell my mom that I hate her

Erica: We need you here on the team Lloyd, but if you ever jeopardize my gig here again; I will harvest one of your organs with my thumbnail

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