It´s not easy to gain anxious viewers expecting a premiere of a new show when you already have a season with great launches such as Breakout Kings, The Killing, The Borgias, Camelot, and a whole lot more… but well, that´s what these guys did. Drew Carey´s Improv-a-Ganza is proving to be one heck of a bet for GSN, and a must watch for comedy lovers viewers.

What an awesome and expected show it is.

And now I have some more Behind the scenes videos and teasers from Improv-A-Ganza!

Drew Careys Improv-A-Ganza Behind the Scenes with Ryan Stiles Video

Drew Careys Improv-A-Ganza Sneak Peek Flap My Jack improv Video

I also did an interview with the cast, and you will be seeing my questions answered in articles to come soon. And before premiere.

Remember the premiere of Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza next Monday, April 11th at 8pm ET/PT on GSN.

What did you think about this Behind The Scenes and Improv teaser videos? Will you watch Drew Carey´s Improv-A-Ganza? Are you psyched enough? Let me know!

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Oh, and By the way… Charlie Sheen guest stars in Drew Carey´s Improv-A-Ganza.