castle-spoilers-quotes-slice-deathYou know many people hates mondays because it´s the start of the week and we all need to work and all that stuff? Well, Mondays can very fast become the favourite day of the week if a new episode of Castle airs. That´s tonight! In this episode Castle & Beckett work the case of a man found dead inside a pizza oven, but it turns out not to be someone associated with the restaurant – it was a reporter. Was his story, “The Pizza Wars,” enough to get him killed, or was it something much deeper than that?

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Best Quotes from Castle S03E20 Slice of Death

Ginger: I gotta Tweet this, or no one will believe I´m with the terrific Nick

Beckett: When it comes to teenagers, not even you are going to be able to protect her

Beckett: What´s the difference?
Lanie: The difference is this one has a dead body in the oven

Castle: I don´t think there´s going to be a second date
Authentic Nick Jr: Yeah, you are right

Authentic Nick: I´m the only real Nick
Castle: And your name is Ralph
Authentic Nick: Exactly!

Capt Montogomery: My wife loves Terrific Nick´s. I couldn´t tell her they now come in full body flavour
Castle: Uh, I liked it, I liked it

Beckett: What do you think Castle? These guys suddenly graduated from frat pricks to murderers?

Beckett: Gordon Burns?
Castle: Gordon Burns?
Lanie: Yes Richard: Burns. Go ahead make a joke; get it out of your system

Walt Shaw: It´s pizza ward. How big could it be?
Castle: Big enough as to kill for

Castle: Ok, then you don´t get to play with my Angry Birds, and they just came up with a new one

Beckett: You had a lot of imaginary friends growing up, didn´t you?
Castle: Still do

Castle: Listen, if I gave you a website, could you have your friends attack, hack and take some pictures down?
Ryan: Will I find naked pictures of you again?
Castle: No, not me. It´s Alexis… For Alexis
Ryan: This just got awkward. What´s this about?

Beckett: What are you doing?
Castle: What I do best: Writing

Beckett: It looks like your Ahab found your white whale

Castle: Did you kick her ass?
Alexis: Kinda did

Monica: If I tell you, I am dead
Beckett: I think we are passed that
Monica: Cavallo

Castle: Winner winner. Pizza dinner

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Photo Credit: Michael Desmond – ABC