My new favourite show aired a new episode, this one called Like Father Like Son in which a mental patient escapes his doctors supervision while on a trip to Chivalry Castle; a Medieval Times style Restaurant.
I have to say Jimmy Simpson´s Lloyd Lowery is becoming one of my favourite characters.

Best Quotes from Breakout Kings S01E06 Like Father Like Son

Julianne: She wanted you to know your salsa lesson got cancelled
Shea: Didn´t know you were a dancer, man
Lloyd Lowery: Do you only salsa, or you also Lambada, because I gotta tell you. that dance is forbidden

Lloyd Lowery: He´s an amateur

Lloyd Lowery: Men screw up boys

Lloyd Lowery: No, no, no. I say racial stuff, not racist stuff. I merely state facts. A racist is an idiot to believe that one group is genetically superior to another is scientifically baseless; cultural superiority, on the other hand.
Shea: See? Racist.
Lloyd: How much do you wanna bet you dance better than me? I state facts.

Charlie: Marisol, please drop it and run

Ray: Still a Jet fan?
Husband: Yeah
Ray: Jets suck!

Julianne: Got you bitch!

Shea: Damn! That girl´s fast!

Ray: What? I´m already getting sued

Ray: Found the motherload

Shea: I need both your guns

Ray: Have you done this before?
Charlie: I saw it on a movie
Ray: What movie?
Charlie: Spaceballs
Ray: Oh, that´s funny

Lloyd: This thing is a shrine to his mother

Ray: Where I can from you don´t get thankyous for doing your job

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