There is a new procedural on CBS called Bull, starring Michael Weatherly. The show is about Dr Jason Bull, a psychologist that is specialized in behavior and works his “magic” analyzing jurors and providing help to clients and lawyers in order to solve their cases and end up getting either convictions or non guilty verdicts.

Bull CBS Michael Weatherly

Bull, starring Michael Weatherly is on CBS.

The show is loosely based on a true story, the story of Dr Phil McGraw (Not to be confused with Dr Phil McGroin -badumtss-).
Dr Bull is a trial consulting expert while combining his psychological background, with high tech analysis, human intuition and a team of experts from different areas.
They run mock-trials to better see how things would turn out, they try neurolinguistics, hacking, styling and some old fashion investigating.

The show stars Michael Weatherly as Dr Jason Bull, Freddy Rodriguez as Benny Colon, the mock trial lawyer, Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan, the intelligence expert, Jaime Lee Kirchner as Danny James, the investigator, Annabelle Attanasio as Cable McCrory, the hacker, and Chris Jackson as Chunk Palmer as the style guru.

Let´s see… the show is a fast paced drama; a new procedural joining CBS´ lineup, and a very solid option. It kind of reminds me of an updated version of Lie To Me. Of course, Michael Weatherly is not Tim Roth, but he is anyways a good pickup for the lead role and a more mature role than he had on NCIS; a character we maybe miss, but we applaud Weatherly to move past him a bit. Of course, there are some nods to his NCIS days, as when he asks his client Brandon to call him “Boss”, just like he used to do as Tony DiNozzo to address Gibbs.

In the pilot episode Dr Bull has to try and get out of conviction a teenager accused of killing a girl at a party, and his chances look slim to none as he is the son of a rich and powerful businessman and the juror already thinks he is guilty; and as Bull himself told Brandon… “he may be the only one on his side”.

In the pilot we also learn that Bull is not only an expert psychologist but also a smooth pickpocketer. Maybe more talents will surface in time. All in all, I would give this pilot a B-, and I am hoping it can evolve into a B+ show once it gets rolling.

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