The 2016 reboot of MacGyver premiered this week and the question that is on everyone´s mind of course: Is MacGyver 2016 any good?

MacGyver 2016 CBS
We probably all wanted MacGyver to come back and these time would be probably amazing as all the technology that the lead character could use. But… problem with the pilot at least, is that the show is more a cross between portraying him as James Bond like, and with gadgets and tech more Bruce Wayne like than the good old chewing gum of MacGyver.
Then the voice over explanations made it feel a little bit like Burn Notice. So, all three things are good ones, except we expected more MacGyver, the traditional MacGyver.
Don´t get me wrong. I´m not saying MacGyver 2016 is bad. I am saying it came out as a pretentious pilot that could benefit greatly by coming back to the character roots instead of trying to go all out and being the cool tech guy who also has the girls and the charisma. MacGyver was more of a blue collar kind of hero, and that is exactly what we would love to see. Him getting dirty, him getting kinda trapped; him being a bit more like the eighties MacGyver.

The cast includes Lucas Till as Angus MacGyver. He is not Richard Dean Anderson and he does not resemble him either, but I am sure he can make this character work.
Then George Eads plays Jack Dalton, the badass; I totally buy it.
Sandrine Holt plays Patricia Thornton, the boss. So far, so good.

I have to say that the best of the pilot was the soundtrack as some catchphrases, as both felt very much closer to the original MacGyver than the rest of the episode.

All in all the show is a good one, but a good show for something not expected to be the reboot of a classic but an original show. When you think of it as the newer version of MacGyver it falls a little short of expectations, but I can be confident the show will find its stride and become the new Hawaii 5-0 instead of becoming the new Knight Rider. Especially after the drama that sets up the premise and the change in his demeanor and his seeking of revenge. I will definitely keep watching optimistically.

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