man-up-cancelled-renewed-abcToday I feel like I´m the bad news messenger, bringing all this info to fill the renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011 lists. Mostly cancellations, as Lifetime cancelling Against The Wall, or Nate Berkus Show getting cancelled. This time, another cancellation in the horizon. Although not oficially announced just yet, ABC has cancelled Man Up by pulling it off the schedule and replacing it with Last Man Standing reruns, trying to build on the healthier show out of those two.

The show was not at all bad in the ratings, but suffered 40% losses from its lead-in Last Man Standing, therefore proving that the show had numbers mainly because of the timeslot, not because of its own merits.

The show´s remaining episodes are canned and may be used as fillers some day along the way, but that has not been announced either.

So, even though it lacked of an official statement from the network, ABC pulling Man Up from schedule can very well be read as Man Up getting cancelled.

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