hell-on-wheels-cancelled-renewed-amc-season-twoJingle bells, jingle bells… maybe it´s not Santa bringing the gifts, but it´s AMC bringing more info for the renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011lists.

This time, AMC renews Hell on Wheels for a second season of a very solid show that in my eyes, could turn into a top ten show by picking up the pace a little bit. Now it´s in a solid good show stage, but nowhere near the Dexters, Homelands, Breaking Bads and Sons of Anarchys level.

The show premiered to great numbers of 4.4 million viewers, being AMC´s second biggest premiere, only trailing The Walking Dead. After the premiere the show fell off in the ratings but managed to hold on to over 2 millions for each episode, earning Hell on Wheels the second season renewal.
The next episode is schedule for the new year, premiering in January 1st, when the quest to build the train will resume. The second season planned to be slated in second semester of 2012.

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