Americas-Most-Wanted-cancelled-renewed-fox23 years and the longest running show on Fox. Well that´s going to be over as a series. Fox cancels America´s Most Wanted on season 23. But, there´s a light at the end of the tunnel… Fox will air specials of the show.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly told reporters on Monday that the show was no longer profitable.
“John Walsh has been an important guy at network for a long time,” Reilly says. “It’s been an important show for us historically. We haven’t made money on the show in quite awhile. It wasn’t particularly viable. We wanted to keep the franchise alive. John is having conversations about ways to keep the series alive.”

The show will air quarterly specials next season, and will fill saturdays with repeats.

The show had good numbers for saturdays, with 5 million viewers and 1.7 in the adult demo, but the biggest problem was the production cost.

The show is being shopped around with hopes of surviving on another network that perhaps can pick it up.

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