boardwalk-empire-cancelled-renewed-hbo-season-threeIf you are following my lists for renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011, you are probably not going to be surprised by this one: HBO renews Boardwalk Empire for season three. Shocking… Not!

This should be no eyes opening news for anyone, nor jaw dropping. After all, the show has been critically acclaimed and the audiences followed (racking up ten million viewers when on demand and pay per view and DVR numbers were added), with the latest airing on almost three million live viewers.

Boardwalk Empire renewal order for season three will start production next year, to air late in the second half of 2012.

The season three renewal order for Boardwalk Empire comes on the verge of episode 15, called A Dangerous Maid, an episode that featured great scenes and moments, showing that first season can be topped creatively.

I´m not so sure what you guys think, but HBO has proven yet again they know how to tell a story in good fashion.

What do you think? Are you happy HBO renewed Boardwalk Empire for season three? Will you watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO Sundays? Let me know in the comments section.
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