treme-cancelled-renewed-hboStill a lot of catching up to do in this renewal and cancellation front. After all, this whole month off for my trip was in the midst of every network announcements. Well…

HBO renewed Treme for season three, marking the comeback of a huge great show.

What´s the best thing to love about HBO? They renew the good shows if they are happy with the quality of them, even though the numbers may not be as great as expected. Proof? Treme was down this second season by near a fifty percent from season one; but HBO loves the show about the lives of New Orleans people in the aftermath of the Katrina Hurricane; hence HBO renews Treme for season three.

This means you have a new chance to catch up on this great show, with such good music and heartwarming script and editing.

HBO renews Treme for a third season and the decision is welcome by critics and the show fans… but  what do you think about this? Are you happy HBO renewed Treme for a third season? Let me know in the comments section.

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