onion-news-network-cancelled-renewedWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of 2011. And IFC has been going all in with renewals and new series orders.

We already announced The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret was renewed, and that Portlandia got renewed too. Well now it´s IFC history making time, since it gave a show the largest ever episode order to a sophomore show.

Onion News Network gets renewed by IFC and the order consists in 16 episodes.

The second season of Onion News Network will launch sometime in October, and it will keep on going with the same kind of humor that got it so far and got it this renewal order.

The new brand identity evolved IFC’s focus from indie films to more original programming, especially in the area of edgy comedy for an influential and predominantly male audience.

And this goes on par with the originals being renewed, and the new shows coming to town network.

Not bad… this Onion may make you cry, but laughing.

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