perfect-couples-cancelled-renewed-nbcWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of 2011. It´s tough for a new sitcom to stick. It´s very difficult to be able to make viewers laugh and engage altogether.

The story can be good, the cast can be solid, but there´s that It factor that meshes or not with the audiences, and ultimately, specially in Broadcast (namely the big five non cable) you need to deliver ratings to stay.

That´s why a show with good actors, with good storylines and somewhat a future in other networks gets the dream cut by NBC.

NBC virtually cancelled Perfect Couples (even though not officially) in its first run. Tthe long-delayed Paul Reiser Show will replace the low-rated Perfect Couples on Thursday at 8:30 beginning April 14.

So that´s right about now.

What will happen to the remaining episodes? Probably air up until that date.

Is NBC cancelling Perfect Couples for good? Not yet but if you ask me it´s 99% sure. (If you ask someone who knows more than me, it´s probably a little higher the chances for cancellation.

Tough luck for Kyle Bornheimer who saw his two last shows  cancelled – Romantically Challenged and this one- , David Walton who got axed on 100 Questions and this one, and Christine Woods who was in Flash Forward and Perfect Couples, both freshman cancellations.

Some of them, namely Kyle and David have other pilots in store.

What do you think? NBC cancelling Perfect Couples is a good or bad move? Let me know in the comments section.

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