Update: The Simpsons got renewed for two more seasons. That does not mean we are safe for long. Let´s keep the focus in, so in two more years the group is huge!

We always list here the renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011,and this one came as a shocker after a rumour that negotiations between Fox and The Simpsons voice cast hit a wall with the talent willing to take a 30% cut from their salaries, but with Fox wanting hem to take 45%. And if not, The Simpsons got cancelled as it would be no more able to be produced.

But The Simpsons cancelled? Wouldn´t that be a TV blasfemy?

But also, after a report claiming that the show might worth more if cancelled, things could move closer to renewal, since it would move the negotiations a lot further.

But, can we do something to avoid The Simpsons to get cancelled?

Sure we can! I just started a Facebook Page to Save The Simpsons from cancellation. If you want the show to go on, please join it. Let´s show Fox we are thousands and thousands.

Use a hashtag of #SaveTheSimpsons when you twit. Let´s do everything to keep the show on the air.

What do you think? Do you want The Simpsons to get cancelled? Or will you join our quest to Save The Simpsons?

Join our Save The Simpsons FB page, or tweet about it. Or create your own ways to help.