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This time marking the last we will see of a reality show. Lifetime cancels Roseanne´s Nuts in its first season.

TV Guide explains Lifetime decision to cancel Roseanne´s Nuts:

Roseanne’s Nuts premiered in July to 1.6 million viewers and was the fourth most-watched unscripted series launch in network history. However, viewership slowly declined, dropping to just 629,000 viewers for its season finale after Lifetime moved the show from Wednesday to Friday nights.

Lifetime cancellation of Roseanne´s Nuts was not released yet as official information, but Roseanne Barr herself tweeted about it:

Roseanne’s Nuts has been cancelled. thanks everyone for watching!

What is Roseanne´s Nuts about? Plot Synopsis

Roseanne’s Nuts is a 2011 Lifetime reality show/docudrama featuring Roseanne Barr, her partner Johnny Argent and son Jake Pentland as they live on their macadamia nut and livestock farm in Hawaii. Celebrity guests include: Bonnie Bramlett, Michael Fishman, Phyllis Diller and Sandra Bernhard.

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