teen-wolf-cancelled-renewed-season-two-mtvAs usual, we are reviewing all the cancelled shows on 2011 and the renewed shows on 2011…and this one was coming sooner or later as given. Always nice to have official confirmation, though.

MTV renewed Teen Wolf for second season for the show about werewolves that is giving vampire shows a run for the sci-fi / romance / teen show race.

David Janollari, MTV´s head of programming said on a statement: “We’re incredibly proud of this show …  an exciting, cinematic story to life with a breakout young cast who our audience has wildly embraced,”

Hence, MTV renews Teen Wolf for a second season, after first season is averaging 1,7 million viewers, taking care of any expectations the network had for a scripted show.

The second season renewal order for Teen Wolf by MTV consists on 12 episodes, that are slated to air in 2012, while 2011 still has five more episodes to go, and a lot og things to be explained still. Will you see your answers on the first or the second season of Teen Wolf is yet to be know.

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