paul-reiser-show-cancelled-renewedThere´s always a Ying to a Yang, and just as we just announced that NBC renewed Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NBC cancelled The Paul Reiser Show after only two episodes of air.

One could argue that the network did not give the show enough room to explore and find its rythm, but it really appears no one was watching; since the premiere ranked as NBC’s lowest-rated in-season comedy series premiere ever with a 1.1/3 in adults 18-49, and the show even dropped 18% to a 0.9/3 in its second episode.

There´s not much to argue there. As much as I love Paul Reiser, and as much as I want to see him strive on a new good show, this one wasn´t it… for sure.

NBC cancelled The Paul Reiser Show and this should shock nobody. As it showed, the audiences were not Mad About Paul.

I really hope Paul Reiser can join a new project from NBC because it was nice to see him on TV, it just did not last, as The Paul Reiser Show got cancelled after two episodes.

What do you think? Are you sad The Paul Reiser show got cancelled? Were you one of the few watching?

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