haunted-collector-cancelled-renewed-season-two-syfyMore information to add to our lists of renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011. This time in the good news department, since paired to Hollywood Treasure´s renewal, Syfy has renewed Haunted Collector for a second season.

Second season renewal order for Haunted Collector consists of twelve episodes, and airing dates, although not annunced, are slated to be in the second quarter of 2012.

What is Haunted Collector About? Plot Synopsis

Haunted Collector is an American television reality series which airs weekly on the Syfy cable television channel. The series features a team of paranormal investigators led by famed demonologist, John Zaffis, who investigate alleged haunted locations with the hopes of identifying and removing any on-site artifacts or trigger objects that may be the source of the supposed paranormal or poltergeist activity.
An artifact itself may either be of a paranormal nature such as a religious object once used in occult rituals or a non-paranormal nature such as an antique innocently purchased at an estate sale. Once an artifact is deemed to be a possible source of paranormal activity, it is removed from the premises in hopes that the activity in the location being investigated will largely subside or cease altogether; the artifact is then either housed in John Zaffis’ paranormal museum along with other purportedly haunted objects or disposed of in an appropriate manner such as burying the item underground or casting it in a deep body of water such as a lake or large river.

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