new-girl-spoilers-quotes-pilot-premiereIt´s the fall season, and a lot of new sitcoms are on the way. We already reviewed premiere of 2 Broke Girls, and upcoming premiere of How to be a gentleman.
Up All Night, Free Agents and Whitney are other sitcoms that already started, and new seasons of How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher started too.
Now it´s time for Fox´s new comedy New Girl with Zooey Deschanel.

What is New Girl About? Plot Synopsis

New Girl is a single camera comedy that follows Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel), an off-the-wall and adorable girl who just got out of a bad relationship. She moves in with 3 single guys and although she’s awkward, she’s with her personality. She is not used to being around boys and the three men don’t make it easy for her at first. Nick (Jake Johnson), one of the roommates, is the most grounded. He had a plan for his life, but became a bartender instead. He can read people. Schmidt (Max Greenfield) prides himself as a modern-day Casanova. He sees Jess as a chance to get to know the female mind. Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.) is a former high school athlete that makes a living as a Personal Trainer. He feels at his best when he is at the gym.
When Jess’s best friend Cece (Hannah Simone), a cynical model who became beautiful after her adolescent years, comes over, she gives the advice that Jess needs and gets her back on her feet again. The five friends realize that they need one another more than they thought and form a nice balance of friends. Created by Liz Meriwether (Freaks and Geeks), New Girl offers a fresh new comedy that takes a look into the relationships and breakups that we deal with on a daily basis and how to deal with them.

Best Quotes from New Girl Pilot with Zooey Deschanel as Jess Day

Jess: Who´s Jess? You are talking to Tiger Boobs

Jess: I´m doing sexy things with the pillow… she´s doing sexy things to the plant… I´ll pick that up later. Who´s that girl? It´s Jess!

Jess: It´s funny, when I saw your Craiglist add I thought you were women

Schmidt: This is LLS (Ladies Love Schmidt)
Coach: What? What did you say? Go put a dollar in the jar (The DoucheBag Jar)

Jess: I´m still a little emotional because of the breakup, so probably I´ll be watching Dirty Dancing six or seven times a day.

Jess: I like to sing to myself a lot.

Schmidt: I´m gonna talk to my boys
Nick: My boys is not a thing here
Schmidt: My bros
Nick: Ok, douchebag jar

Schmidt: I´ll be your guide
Jess: Like Gandalf through Middle Earth?
Schmidt: Probably n… ok, let´s first take the Lord of the Rings references in a deep dark cave, where no one´s gonna find them ever
Jess: Except for Smeagol… he leaves in a cave

Jess: She´s gonna find a rebound… who´s that girl, itps Jess!
Nick: Wait, did you just make up a theme song for yourself?

Coach: My boss says I don´t know how to talk to women, so I wanted to see if you could help me

Jess: Pink wine makes me slutty

Benjamin: Do you like parties?
Coach: Do not talk to me

Cecilia: Please put your shirt back on, don´t make me laugh at you

Waitress: You are all her dates?
Nick: We are her boyfriends. We are reverse mormons, one man just isn´t enough for her

Schmidt: No matter what, I would still totally do you
Jess: Oh that is so sweet… jar

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