extreme-couponing-renewed-cancelled-tlcSaving money in times of crisis? Well, that´s something everybody needs to learn more about, right?

Well, that´s exactly what folks at The Learning Channel are betting, and people at home reacting to.

TLC renews Extreme Couponing for season two, and production already began for a premiere around september.

Averaging very solid 1.9 million viewers for the network, the show has earned a second season consisting of 12 episodes, and the first season still has two more episodes in the can yet to air; one featuring a lady who wants to buy 3.100 dollars worth of merchandise using only one hundred dollars, and also how another woman uses her coupons skill to home school twins.

TLC´s general manager Amy Winter said for the record: “The series is creating even more super shoppers and we are lining our shelves with their remarkable stories.”

It´s no wonder TLC renews Extreme Couponing for a second season. After all it is a show that strongly resonates to the times we are living, and if a TV show can teach people how to cut some expenses, it will definitely have a spot on TV for a while.

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