coast-guard-alaska-cancelled-renewedIn the middle of December already, but info still coming to fill the renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011 lists.

In this case the docu reality show from Weather Channel Coast Guard Alaska got renewed for two more seasons, and it shouldn´t be a surprise, since it has been a breakout hit for the network, doubling its audience since the premiere to the last episode aired, and performing great in all the key demos. So why wouldn´t Weather Channel renew Coast Guard Alaska? In fact, they went ahead and renewed Coast Guard Alaska for two seasons, securing it through 2012.

The episodes from season 2 will start airing at some point in April 2012, and episodes from season three will begin in October 2012.

The renewal order for Coast Guard Alaska second season consists of five episodes, whereas the third season will last for eight episodes.

What is Coast Guard Alaska about? Plot synopsis

The docu-reality follows a team of Coast Guard swimmers and rescue pilots stationed in Kodiak, AK, as they train and implement strategies to save lives while battling harsh, icy weather conditions.

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