will-emma-marry-glee-spoiler-proposalArticle with spoiler!!! Alert, alert!!!

The next episode on Glee, premiering January 17 was announced as “The Proposal” and involves Will proposing to Emma, asking her to marry him. Yeah, big bomb there!
When asked about it, Matthew Morrison who plays Will said: “It’s the most spectacular proposal I’ve ever seen. All I can say is it’s wet. And it involves a big dance.” We would´ve figured a proposal on Glee would feature a big musical number… after all, they sing for almost everything, how could they not sing for a wedding proposal?

These days the episode name was changed from “The Proposal” to “Yes/No”, but that does not mean the showrunner is planning to scrap the proposal from Will to Emma.
Will is asking Emma to marry him, but apparently now the question is what will Emma do? Is Emma marrying Will? Will she say yes or no? And that is now the center of the episode after the title change.

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