shipping-wars-cancelled-renewed-a&e-season-twoMore information to fill the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012.   And another freshman show that gets to a sophomore season was announced tonight, when, paired to the renewal of Storage Wars and the renewal of Storage Wars Texas, A&E renewed Shipping Wars for a second season.

The show has been a success for the cabler ever since the premiere when it drew over 3 million viewers.


Shipping Wars is a reality TV series on A&E that began airing on 10 January 2012. The show follows six independent shippers who have discovered that fortunes can be made transporting items that traditional carriers either cannot or will not haul. The series also features uShip, the world’s largest online auction house for independent truckers. These six shippers include Roy Garber, Marc Springer, Jennifer Brennan, Jarrett Joyce, and Suzanne and Scott Bawcom.

In a typical episode, the shippers place bids on two jobs listed on uShip, in a reverse auction format. Each client has the option of awarding the job either to the lowest bidder, or to a higher bidder based on feedback from previous clients.

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