rookie-blue-cancelled-renewed-season-fourMore information to fill the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012.  This is a two for one renewal, since this show is from Canada and airs also on the United States and has a fanbase in both places. That´s why many people will be happy to know Rookie Blue got renewed for season four.

Global Television, alongside broadcast partner, ABC, announced today the early renewal of its original drama series,Rookie Blue. A bona fide hit on both sides of the border, the development on Season 4 is already underway with production gearing up to begin on August 20 in Toronto.

“Rookie Blue’s fourth season renewal in simulcast is unprecedented territory for any Canadian original series, and we’re excited to lead the way,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President, Content,Shaw Media. “From its very first episode, we had no doubt that this show would resonate with viewers and today’s announcement proves it remains a dominant force in our program schedule. This is amazing news for Rookie Blue fans and the television industry.”

Currently, Rookie Blue has consistently won its timeslot for Global since its return on May 24 – with over 1.6 million loyal fans tuning in for the Season 3 debut episode.

All-new episodes of Rookie Blue Season 3 return in simulcast starting this Thursday, June 28 – 10pm ET/PT on Global and ABC. In this week’s episode, “Girls’ Night Out,” all hell breaks loose on Traci’s first day as detective when a carload of young women from a bachelorette party slams into another vehicle, apparently killing the driver. When the police discover that the driver of the parked car was dead before the accident, Traci realizes that her “rookie” handling of the car crash may have compromised the pending homicide investigation. Meanwhile, as Gail and Chris work together on the case, Chris not only realizes he still has feelings for Gail but that he also has competition. Finally, when Traci and Andy uncover a secret the bride is desperately trying to keep, it’s a race to find the murderer before he strikes again.

Rookie Blueis a one-hour, original dramatic series that provides a candid look at the personal and professional lives of five rookie cops as they navigate their first years on the beat. Now in their third year on the job, these rookies have learned to overcome the sophomore curse — that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. With a little more experience under their belts, they’re starting to realize that not only is the uniform shaping their professional identity, but it has also started to mould them as people. How can they stay true to themselves – maintaining their individuality and compassion – along the way? This year, the rookies of 15 Division are going to have to learn to be careful what they wish for – and they are going to learn it the hard way.

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