breaking-pointe-cancelled-renewed-season-two-cwThey say that things come in pairs… well, I´m not sure if that´s the case, but at least this time it is for the lists of cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012, as The CW renewed Oh Sit, but also renewed Breaking Pointe for a second season.

Breaking Pointe is a docu-series about Salt Lake City’s Ballet West company and gets the renewal order fresh from completing its first run in July.

The show´s cast consists of

  • Christiana Bennett: One of Ballet West’s principal dancers. She joined in 1999 and was promoted to a principal role in 2004. She is married.
  • Ronnie Underwood: First soloist at Ballet West. Joined in 2011.
  • Allison DeBona: Demi-soloist at Ballet West. Joined in 2007 and was promoted in 2011. She is in a quasi-relationship with fellow dancer Rex Tilton.
  • Rex Tilton: Demi-soloist at Ballet West. Joined in 2008. He is in a quasi-relationship with fellow dancer Allison DeBona. He is brother to fellow dancer Ronald Tilton.
  • Beckanne Sisk: Demi-soloist at Ballet West. Being only 19, her promotion in the first episode causes resentment and jealousy from the older dancers in the company.
  • Kathleen “Katie” Martin: Ex-dancer at Ballet West. During the first episode her contract for the next ballet season was not renewed, so subsequent episodes featured her auditioning for new ballet companies and possibly having to leave behind her boyfriend, fellow dancer Ronald Tilton.
  • Ronald Tilton: Dancer at Ballet West. He is in a relationship with fellow dancer Katie Martin. He is brother to fellow dancer Rex Tilton.

After averaging close to 0.8 million viewers for the first season, it is quite a surprise that CW renews Breaking Pointe, but, since there´s not a date paired to the renewal, it is probably a sign that this show will be a filler targeted for the summer.

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