tv-land-cancelled-renewed-the-exesSomething that has been a constant this year when reviewing cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012, a supersized season order, as TV Land picks up ten more episodes for the sophomore season of The Exes.

This extra order for The Exes brings the second season of the sitcom to 22 episodes, and makes it look a lot brighter for its chances to secure a renewal for a third season.

The Exes” revolves around three divorced men: Ladies’ man Phil (Donald Faison), homebody Haskell (Wayne Knight) and newly single — and needy — Stuart (David Alan Basche). The men live together in an apartment across the hall from their divorce attorney, Holly (Kristen Johnston), who also happens to be their landlord. Holly avoids her own relationship and commitment issues by becoming immersed in the men’s affairs as they put their lives back together and return to the dating scene. In addition to Reisman, the series will also be executive produced by Michael Hanel and Mindy Schultheis (“Reba,” “Titus”).

Now we can only hope for another visit by 3rd Rock from the Sun, or Scrubs alums.

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