wipeout cancelled renewed abcWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of the season.

And today ABC announced that Wipeout gets renewed for a fourth season.

The new season of Wipeout will feature two new obstacle courses, including a fresh “motivator” for the Big Balls, the classic sweeper with a new twist and obstacles such as the Lawn Mower and the Sky Scraper Slide.

Also, let´s remember Wipeout is kind of a global franchise with local versions of the show in many countries. Wipeout gets renewed by ABC because it´s good business.

Wipeout renewal came almost as a no brainer since the show managed to maintain solid numbers and not dropping from last years´.

So, ABC renews Wipeout but the lenght of next season hasn´t been disclosed yet, and wether it will be a two nighter or just one weekly night is still to know.

Wipeout being renewed by ABC is good news since the show gets its fair share of laughs with all the punches and falling. What do you think? Are you happy ABC renewed Wipeout?

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