marriage ref seinfeld nbc cancelled renewedOk, one would suppose Alec Baldwin, Jerry Seinfeld and Kelly Ripa on the same show would make TV Heaven, but no… if you saw The Marriage Ref Series Premiere, or at least you checked Twitter comments on the Marriage Ref premiere, you´d realize it was plain bizarre TV. (Of course, I loved it, and Jerry Seinfeld is funny as always, and Alec Baldwin is the funniest ever)… but is it prime time network TV? (I say renew it already, I can´t wait for more bizarre funny moments)

So, what will happen to the show on NBC.

Is, The Marriage Ref, as many asked, going to be cancelled?

What do you think?

Should The Marriage Ref be cancelled by NBC?

I say, let it be for at least six or seven episodes and only then make a call.

Not as The Beautiful Life or Past Life who were cancelled after two and three episodes respectively.

I laughed with the show, I gotta admit, but I´m all about guilty pleasures…

Remember the Marriage Ref is on an open casting call

What´s your call? Should NBC cancel The Marriage Ref? Or will it be NBC next hit?