smallville cancelled renewed season ten by cwWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of the season.

A few weeks ago, the CW was giving the good news around, and they confirmed the renewals of several shows.

But this came later, when some especulated… The CW  renewed Smallville for a tenth season.

So, more Superman for all…

Even though the show was originally planned forthe teenager Superman / Clark Kent, ten years have gone by already.

Therefore, CW renews Smallville.

What is Smallville About? Plot

The concept for Smallville was derived after a potential series chronicling a young Bruce Wayne’s journey toward becoming Batman failed to get off the ground. After meeting with the president of Warner Bros. Television, Gough and Millar pitched their “no tights, no flights” rule, which would break Superman down to the bare essentials and look at the events that led Clark Kent to become Superman. After seven seasons with the show, series developers Gough and Millar departed without providing a specific reason. Smallville is predominantly filmed in and around Vancouver, with some of the local businesses and buildings substituting for Smallville locations. The music is primarily composed by Mark Snow, who incorporates elements of John Williams’s musical score from the original Superman film series. The song played under the opening titles is “Save Me” by Remy Zero; several episodes also contain songs written and performed by other bands.

So, what do you think? Are you happy that The CW renewed Smallville for a tenth season?