life unexpected spoilers ryan leaves cateLast night´s Life Unexpected episode “Crisis Unadverted” was a big one story wise.

Cate told Ryan she slept with Baze.

Tasha was sent away.

Baze got Joint Custody of Lux.

Ryan punched Baze in the face.

Lux was mad at Cate for not taking Tasha in. (Lux always gets mad at Cate but in the end they patch things up… this time they didn´t)

Baze wanted to take Tasha in, but they wouldn´t allow a single adult man take in a teenage girl.

So now… what is happening?

Is Ryan leaving Cate for good after she cheated on him?

Answer to that is no, but she will have to work it hard.

Is Tasha moving away and out of Life Unexpected as Bug did?

Answer may be no again, and probably taht´s the best way for Cate to regain Lux´s approval.

What do you think?

How is Life Unexpected going to go? What about these Life Unexpected spoilers?