who is alexander coburn chuck casey brotherAnyone who saw Chuck´s last episode, Chuck vs the Fake Name is wondering the same. Who is Alexander Coburn?

Chuck brings Casey as his associate and as Chuck and the mobsters banter – with Chuck doing a good job of impersonating a bad-ass assassin- Paulie Walnuts keeps saying he knows Casey from somewhere. He finally puts his finger on it: he looks like a sniper he served in the armed forces with named Alexander Coburn. (Chuck flashes on Alexander Coburn and we see the regular array of images except the face is redacted.) So naturally the mobsters think he’s a cop. Stalling for time. Chuck says if he’s a cop he’ll kill him himself and whacks Casey in the face with a gun. He ties him to a chair and threatens him as Sarah and Shaw call out the cavalry. It’s taking a while, though, so Chuck is forced to pull out one of Casey’s teeth with a set of pliers to prove to the mobsters he means business. He is horrified of course but Casey eggs him on and they pull it off. Casey is clearly impressed with Chuck.

The cops bust in and one pins Chuck down on the bar. It’s Sarah and he talks about how relieved he is to see her. She says he’s supposed to be a badass so he has to fight back. He flashes on his kung fu and takes out the whole S.W.A.T. team and he and the mobsters get away, they are suitably impressed by him.

Back at the castle Casey tells Chuck that Sarah and Shaw went to his house to make dinner since Chuck didn’t have time to do it himself. He tells Chuck he’s proud of him and saved him a trip to the dentist since the tooth he pulled had a cavity. Two agents are hauling Rafe off and he is struggling. They slap his head against a table where he eyes a Buy More pen. Chuck asks about “Alexander Coburn” and Casey tells him to mind his own business.

So, who is Alexander Coburn on Chuck?

Who is Alexander Coburn on Chuck?

I have two theories;

Alexander Coburn is Casey´s real identity.

Alexander Coburn is Casey´s brother. An estranged brother enemy of the US Government who will end up eventually turning into Casey´s nemesis further along.

What do you think? Who is Alexander Coburn on Chuck?

And also… I said it a couple of weeks ago, Chuck and Hannah were breaking up… and well… they did. So keep up with our spoilers… we´re usually on spot.