casting-call-auditions-disney-xd-lab-rats Wizards of Waverly Place casting call auditions was one of the most coveted by all of you out there getting to this site looking for auditions, so I thought this one could be interesting for you too.
A casting call audition for Disney XD´s Lab Rats.

What is Lab Rats About? Plot Synopsis

The Disney Channel XD series Lab Rats is a new show that will center around Leo, a teenager who happens to find 3 “Superhumans” in the basement of his house that he currently lives in with his mother and stepfather, Tasha and Donald. The “Superhumans” each have their own unique skill, Adam, has strength, Bree, has the speed and Chase, is the one with super intelligence and also helped convince Leo let the three “Superhumans” come to school with him in hopes of living a normal life. Lab Rats is a show about three brothers and sisters that, because of an experiment by the government, are built as bionic military operatives.
Lab Rats´ casting for the three main roles is already done, with Billy Unger playing Chase, Spencer Boldman playing Adam and Kelli Berglund playing Bree, while Tyrel Jackson Williams plays Leo.

What is Disney XD´s Lab Rats casting call auditioning for?

The show is casting for some secondary roles and extras.

How to Audition for Disney XD´s Lab Rats casting call auditions?

Visit this link.

Will you enter Disney XD´s Lab Rats Casting Auditions? Let me know how it goes.
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