colin farrell casting call open audition disney friday nightDisney´s casting for the new feature film Friday Night.
Both Diseny and Dreamworks are working on pre producing a remake of the 80´s cult classic comedy horror film Friday Night in which Charley Brewster, a teenager, discovers his neighbours are vampires.

And here it is the casting call and open audition for Friday Night by Disney, with Colin Farrell

So far, some of the casting for Disney´s Friday Night has already been casted

Cast for Disney´s Friday Night:

Colin Farrell cast as Jerry, a vampire preying the neighborhood.

Anton Yelchin cast as Charley Brewster.

Toni Collette cast as Charley´s mom.

David Tennant, A.K.A. former Dr Who, cast as Peter Vincent, a Las Vegas magician with horror movie imaginery.

Christopher Mintz Plasse cast as Evil Ed, Charley Brewster´s friend.

The shooting is currently set on Albuquerque, New Mexico, and casting call for Disney´s Friday Night will last from July 26th through October 1st.

You can fill an application here

Are you going to try and participate on the Casting Call and Open Audition for Disney´s Friday Night with Collin Farrell? Let us know.