what-not-to-wear-casting-call-auditionsAnother great piece of casting call came to my e-mail.

In this case, the casting call and open audition for TLC What Not To Wear.

Clinton and Stacy are back for more makeovers, for a new season, and TLC is now casting in the NY area for people willing to nominate a friend, family member or co-worker whose wardrobe is screaming for a make-over! The city is filled with unique individuals who aren’t dressing to their full potential!

TLC´s What not to wear is a show about fashion intervention to people who needs a style change. Fashion experts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are in charge of the makeover, sorting through the person’s current wardrobe and providing them with rules for maximizing their best assets and personal style. They are given a Visa card worth $5,000.  After a consultation with Stacy and Clinton on these new clothing choices, along with a dramatic hair and makeup revamp, viewers will see a complete transformation and a stunning reveal.

If you want someone you know to participate in the Casting Call Audition for What not to wear, you need to submit him/her.

How to submit someone to audition for What Not To Wear Casting Call?

To nominate someone for the show you need to fill the following info:

Marital Status:
Home location:
Describer her personality:
Describe her style in full detail:
At least 2 pictures that illustrate her lack of style:
Nominator’s contact info:

And send it to Kevin McKeever/Casting Producer

Are you interested in taking part in the Casting Call Audition for What Not To Wear? Let me know how it goes. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more Casting Calls and Auditions.