castle casting call alexis boyfriendMichael Ausiello caught some Casting Call for Castle in which the show is looking for Ashley, the new boyfriend of Nathan Fillion’s TV daughter, Alexis (Molly C. Quinn). Fact is, the actor in question must be at least 18-years-old, which rules out the 16-year-old Biebs. It doesn’t, however, rule out Nick Jonas.

But there´s no official word yet on who would be cast as Alexis boyfriend on Castle.

I have some other suggestions for this Casting Call on Castle:

Casting Justin Bieber on Castle would make it as big teen star as it can get.

Casting Nick Jonas on Castle would make a big teen connection for the show, but many long time Castle fans could be “not that happy”.

Casting Hunter Parrish from Weeds on Castle would make a sort of crossover between two great shows.

Casting Cody Lindley from Hannah Montana on Castle would make a nice addition because teens know him a lot and love him, and would not estrange long time fans.

Casting Rupert Grint on Castle as Alexis boyfriend would not only make a lot of sense, but add that teen star quality to the show. But we may be over budget there.

Casting a Glee kid on Castle as Alexis Boyfriend would be well received by audience but that networks thingy won´t work.

Who do you think they should get on this Castle Casting Call to play Alexis Boyfriend?