castle-spoiler-castle-proposing-to-beckettOk, Castle fans who are craving for some juiciy Castle spoilers.

Well, I have two big ones for you.

Castle, Beckett and Nikki Heat love triangle?

There´s a threesome going on between Castle, Beckett and Beckett. Huh? Well, remember I told you Laura Prepon would join Castle as Nikki Heat? Well, now it appears there´s going to be the whole triangle thing going on between Castle, Beckett and Beckett´s alter ego, Nikki Heat.

Is Richard Castle proposing to Beckett?

This one sounds even weirder, but it actually happens. On the episode scheduled to air on January 3rd, Richard Castle will propose marriage to Kate Beckett.

Is there a catch? Of course there is… what would you´ve thought. My best guess is we are talking about a dream. It´s either Richard Castle dreaming to marry Beckett, or Beckett dreaming to marry Castle, or both dreaming the same thing.

Sure thing is that Richard Castle will actually say the words “Will You Marry Me?” to Beckett. In what alternate world is that happening is what we still need to know.

I guess we´ll have to watch Castle on January 3rd, in order for us to know if Castle is proposing to Beckett, if that´s only a dream, or just a joking throw in line Castle says on a case.

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