cell-web-series-review-posterWeb Series is a growing format and a great vehicle to find new voices and talent. Here, at Seriesandtv.com I´m trying to do my best to help, and therefore offering this space to all those webseries creators that may be around to help put the voice out about their shows. In this one, Cell the Web Series, A man wakes up in a cell after a night on the town. When he realizes he’s not in jail and he’s not alone, he fights to stay who he is while helping someone else remember who they were.

A web series with the cast of Danny Cameron, Jourdan Gibson, Kevin McCarthy, Hillary Wagner, Beth Chamberlin, Scott Mullins, Martinique Duchene-Phillips and Aimee Thomas; and a full crew behind showrunner and director Mark Gardner.

A Lovable Varmint Production, with a distribution agreement on Koldcast TV, this web series is in the Official Selection of Beverly Hills Film, Television & New Media Festival, the Official Selection of the Independent Television Festival and the Official Selection of Cinema Tous Ecrans; so you know there´s quality behind it.

Show´s already on Episode 13 and keeps going.

Quotes from Cell The Web Series

– Hello? Hello? Can Anybody hear me? Somebody? Anybody?

– You really shouldn´t yell

– You don´t know what day it is, do you?
– No

– No loud noises

– It´s much better when you listen

– What does the box thing mean?

– I´m just realizing how hungry I am

You can go and catch up on the first thirteen episodes of Cell. It´s worth it.

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