wrath-of-khan-star-trekForty years ago, the final episode of the original “Star Trek” aired on television. And in 2013, it continues to cruise at warp speed.

Each month, Charter selects a group of themed movies customers would enjoy. Through the remainder of September until October 14, let Charter Video On Demand entertain new Trekkies and true Trekkies with the entire series from the latest, Star Trek Into Darkness to the original,Star Trek: The Motion Picture; a dozen movies in all.

See one, see them all by going to Channel 1>Movies>Featured Films. The 11 older movies are $2.99 and Star Trek Into Darkness released this summer, is $4.99 SD/$5.99 HD.

And if you’ve never seen a Star Trek movie, know that astronauts, movie makers, scientists, engineers and folks from all walks of life cite “Star Trek’s” science and technology as an influence on their lives and world view.

As Captain Picard would say, “Engage” and “Make it so.” Star Trek VOD titles until October 14 Include:

• Star Trek Into Darkness ©
• Star Trek (2009) ©
• Star Trek X: Nemesis ©
• Star Trek IX: Insurrection ©
• Star Trek VIII: First Contact©
• Star Trek VII: Generations ©
• Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country©
• Star Trek V: The Final Frontier ©.
• Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home ©
• Star Trek III: The Search for Spock ©
• Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ©
• Star Trek: The Motion Picture ©

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