chicken-soup-soul-power-positive-book-reviewI´m the half full glass kind of guy, sometimes even to an annoyingly degree (according to my GF), so this book about finding the positive in everything is in my realm. It is about getting to see the bright side of things even when not apparent; also about the good things we have in our lives that make us thankful.

The book has 101 inspirational stories about changing your life through positive thinking and in some of the stories the people in them get to analyze their own lives compared to another person that they meet, and how that puts things in perspective. And also a lot of other stories about how to learn and grow through the difficulties in life to come out stronger in the aftermath of any problem.

This book could not only be in the Chicken Soup for The Soul collection, as well as could be put into a “Food for thought” collection as well, because once you read it, you´ll certainly take your time to process it and reflect upon your own life.

If this book got you interested you can check out for more in this link, including where to buy it. Are you going to read it? Let me know your thoughts. Also, follow me on Twitter for more book reviews.

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