how-raise-billionaire-genius-book-reviewThe Subtitle for this Sean Campbell and D Hornby book is just perfect: “Guarantee Your Crying Poop Monster Grows Up to Be Better Than All the Other Kids”. In this Ulysses Press book you will find the perfect recipe to grow your kid into some success story. Of course, being a parody book, the recipes are both insane and hilarious.

I liked some chapters lot better than others, but all in all it is a fun read. The book has only a mere 108 pages, with images and a rotating thingy on the cover. It will take you only one long bathroom trip to read the whole book; and then a couple more times reading some passages out loud to your wife in some way to make her doubt if you are being serious or not.

You can also check out the book on Amazon, where it has very good reviews also, as you can see.

My favorite chapter is the one on how to raise a Super Hero and the Astronaut too. Not so fond on the one about the Pageant Queen. But you can judge for yourself when you read it. Let me know your thoughts.

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