small-apartment-hacks-book-reviewThis book has a lot of good advices, but I gotta say it does not fullfill the promise of its title. I would´ve liked a lot more if it was consistent, as it states it gives 101 ingenious DIY solutions for living, organizing and entertaining. I was expecting a lot more useful designing and purposeful furniture arrangement.
Instead it has tons of tips on how to organize and entertain a party in a small apartment.
The recipes were a bit off topic, or better yet a stretch of the topic in my opinion and would´ve liked it if they used those pages for more tips on how to make a space seem bigger.

From the same publisher, Ulysses Press, I much preferred Clutter Rehab, a book I reviewed last year that I thought was nailing the topic.

The book is based on a blog by the author, Jenna Mahoney, and each article is ok as a standalone piece, but when putting it together for the book it turns out a bit lackluster. All in all a good read, but not a mindblowing way to improve the little places where one lives.

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