papa-francisco-pope-francisThis is a book in Spanish called El Papa Francisco, Conversaciones con Jorge Bergoglio. After Jorge Bergoglio, Argentina´s Cardenal was selected as the new Pope, turning into Pope Francis and succeeding Pope Benedict as the Head of the Catholic Church, he has singlehandedly changed the views of many people towards that institution, while also managing to clean its image, and make it more connected, respected and giving a great message, even for non Catholics.

This book captures a series of interviews that the authors had with him before becoming the new Pope. And it is enlightening to say the least.

I know the book is in Spanish, it is well worth the read. I am not a Catholic, but I tend to read a lot of Catholic and other religious books as it is a subject I like to analyze. And the emergence of Pope Francis has made me rethink a lot of things I knew or thought about Church.

His tenure, being still short and beginning, is inspiring a lot of people and making headline after headline. Probably Pope Francis will earn a Nobel Peace Prize too.

This book is a great way to understand more from him. Truly recommended.

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