Generally what we do is we do a little recap of the full episode of The Tonight Show whenever folks at NBC clear all the videos. (It´s better doing things by the book, you know?).BUt with this one we thought it was best not to wait.

We checked with them for one video clearance before they give us all on Monday.

Why you might ask? Chris Medina, American Idol most heartbreaking story, visited Jay Leno for an one on one interview, and I wanted to share last night’s special Tonight Show visit by him.

Chris had one of the most emotional stories of the season – his fiancée was involved in a terrible car accident which left her wheelchair-bound and with massive trauma.  Chris’ strength and commitment to her touched millions and after being cut from the show many wondered what was next.  Well, Chris made a very special appearance last night on Leno, where he discussed his elimination, his proposal to his fiancée as well as Jennifer Lopez’s emotional reaction.

Chris Medina Interview with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show

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