fairly-legal-spoilers-quotes-believerFolks at USA Network, as I usually call them; the can´t miss network are launching a new original series to join their roster of must watch: Burn Notice, Psych, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Law & Order Criminal Intent.

A few weeks back, this show premiered, and this week a new episode aired, called Believer

We are doing some extensive coverage of Fairly Legal. Also check our interview with Sarah Shahi and Michael Sardo about I Hate you it´s simpler that way quote meaning to the show, or the review of the pilot , episode 2 Priceless and Bo me Once too.

In this episode, Kate mediates the firing of a young inventor (Devon Gummersall), whose boss holds the rights to his revolutionary device. The inventor threatens to kill himself and steals the device, leaving Kate with a complicated situation to diffuse.

Yes, the whistle thing is a sticker!

Best Quotes from Fairly Legal S01E06 Believer

Leo: Nobody listens

Kate: I´m here to make sure you are being treated fairly

Kate: Ok Marcus, it´s just you and me
Marcus: You leave too
Kate: Sorry. I´m not going anywhere

Kate: You gotta care about something, or else you would´ve jumped

Leo: If by working on you mean failing miserably, then yes

Leo: Don´t think I played that right

Kate: Is that Poison?
Justin: It´s decaf
Kate: Are you trying to kill me?

Kim: Leonardo, I know just how to inspire you

Lauren: I will subpoena your ass back to civilization and then rip you to shreds in a court of law

Lauren: Sign the divorce papers. Do not make me come back here

Leonardo: It was like a tango out there for a second

Leo: I am so inspired

Baron Vaughn and Virginia Williams Interview about Fairly Legal

I had the chance to have a call interview with both Baron Vaughn who plays Leo and Virginia Williams who plays Lauren.

G. Paz    Hi.  How are you, Virginia and Baron?

V. Williams    Great.  Thank you.

G. Paz    I have one for each.  The first one is for Baron.  You play a geek role in Leonardo … .  What would be the ultimate dream for Leo as to something happening on the show?  And also what would be Baron’s ultimate dream of something to play on the show?

B. Vaughn    I’m sorry, you said what would be the ultimate dream for Leo to happen on the show?

G. Paz    For Leo and for you, for Baron, for both of your Jekyll and Hyde.

B. Vaughn    I I think this is a similarity between us.  He wants the respect of his peers.  So I think for him to get some sort of indy cred where he’s written some sort of really cool graphic novel or he has conquered some video game in the way that somebody hasn’t.  Where it’s like he’s recognized in a national level on something that a very specific group of people love.  That he would be like, “Yes.  I have this comic book I wrote that has taken off, and somebody wants to make it into a movie.  That’s awesome.”  I think that would be like his ultimate dream is to continue to do that.

For me on the show, you know I’m hoping to get to open up Leo a little bit more.  I feel like on the show he’s pretty reserved, but there’s another level, and I’m interested in showing the audience the other level.  Maybe a little bit more of the personal life of Leonardo, and maybe some things that he struggles with in terms of his family or his friends or just his issues in general that start to affect his, I guess, his performance or he starts to take it to work.  I’m interested in exploding the view of Leo and making him— solidifying his three dimensionality.

G. Paz    Great.  Thanks.  And for Virginia, Kate told Lauren on the pilot, “I hate you.  It’s simpler that way.”  That kind of summarized the whole relationship from Kate’s point of view.  What do you think would summarize it, but from Lauren’s point of view?

V. Williams    Well, I don’t know that I can summarize it in a one sentence little quip right now, but I can just speak to their relationship and how I think Lauren feels about it.  I don’t think that Lauren hates Kate the way that Kate hates Lauren.  Meaning I don’t think that Lauren agrees with or respects the way that Kate handles her business or her personal life, and I think it drives Lauren a little crazy because they’re just such different people.

But I think there’s a very special and unique relationship that someone has when their parents remarries period, but certainly when they remarry someone that’s their age.  I, luckily, don’t have personal experience in that.  My parents are happily married, but if my father and my mother split and my father were with someone my age, boy I’d tell you what, I would not be very happy about it.  I would hope I would be evolved and mature enough to be happy for them if that was what made both parties happy, and that was the best thing for my dad, but it would absolutely, it would totally kill me.  And so you understand Kate’s distaste for Lauren because that would be really, really hard.  That would be very hard.

But I don’t think that Lauren hates Kate in quite the same way.  There’s a different relationship there that happens because she married Kate’s father and she loves Kate’s father so much.  I think Lauren can understand that Kate isn’t 100% happy about him remarrying, but I think she also feels like it’s time to grow up and get on with it and be an adult.  We’re not 16 here.  We’re adults, and I think that’s where Lauren’s frustration with Kate comes from because she knows she’s her age, yet she acts so incredibly differently, and their maturity levels are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

G. Paz    Yes.  I said the USA Network has a perfect score so far in terms of new shows getting renewal orders.  Does that bring everybody calm there or does it put more pressure to deliver with the show?

V. Williams    I don’t think there’s any calm, my friend.  I wish there was.  You never know what’s going to happen, and you never really know why it happens so often.  It is true, they do have a perfect score, and USA is a phenomenal network to be a part of and one of the reasons, I’m sure, all of us in the cast chose to be a part of this show, and we’re honored to be a part of it, is because of the great track record.  You’re probably going to get a much better shot of having multiple seasons on here when you do something for USA then you are for another network, be it cable or not.

So I think that in some ways there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement in that we’re probably more likely to get picked up, but there are no guarantees in this world, and as actors we go from job to job.  So we sure hope so.  I think we all love this show and we all want to continue to be a part of it.  I know for myself I have fallen in love with the character of Lauren.  I find her, of course I’m biased, but I find her the most interesting and complex of all of them and I would love to be able to explore her more and to play with her for years to come.  But there are—

B. Vaughn    Hey, I think I’m the most interesting and complex.  How dare you—

V. Williams    I said I’m biased.  I said I’m biased.

B. Vaughn    I know.  I’m joking.

V. Williams    But no, but I do.  I just think she’s delicious.  But yes, I would love to be able to play her for years to come, but none of us have any guarantees in this business.  The entertainment industry is a very finicky one.  So we just cross our fingers and pray to the ratings gods and hope that USA will smile upon us and give us another shot.  What do you say, Baron?

B. Vaughn    I absolutely agree with that.  USA is very—they’re very picky with what they develop in the first place.  So for them to go forward with the show at all is already a tremendous vote of confidence.  Of course, I’m hoping and wishing and praying, as that song goes, that we will have a few seasons.  I believe Heidegger said it best, “Just because something has happened in the past doesn’t mean it will in the future,” but you can hope and have a good attitude about it, and if it doesn’t happen then I’ll cry for a day, eat a lot of Cocoa Puffs, but I will put myself back on Baron horse and go somewhere.

V. Williams    I think we’re all quite confidence, to button this, I think we’re all quite confidant that the show’s doing well.  People are responding to it.  It has a great lead-in of royal pains.  I think it’s a wonderful pairing, these two shows together, and the response has been pretty incredible.  I think I heard somewhere it was the best-reviewed USA show ever before it launched.  So hopefully the audience will continue to find it and to keep watching, but I think we’re all pretty darn confident it will be renewed. We would just like them to go ahead and give us that gold star so we can start planning our lives.

B. Vaughn    That is the key.  That is the key.

V. Williams    I’d like to know where I’m going to live in the next few months.  If it’s going to be Vancouver or L.A. or somewhere else, but we’re all really confident and we’re all really excited about it.

G. Paz    Thanks so much, both of you.

V. Williams    Thank you.

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